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Cloudways Review – Best Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting platforms that comes with many advanced features that you can’t be able to get on any other hosting platform. It provides you a great balance between the functionality and affordability. It means that if you need more bandwidth and less storage then you can easily get it through cloudways. As they are offering web hosting through many different hosting providers, So you can easily choose your desired hosting network.

If you’re new to hosting world or going to know about the Cloudways hosting platform first time. Then keep in mind that Cloudways is not a self-hosted platform. Basically, they will provide you a source to get hosting from most popular unmanaged sources like Digitalocean, Vultr, Linode and many other unmanaged hosting platforms. If you go directly to any of these networks then you have to manage everything by yourself that is a hard task if you don’t have any knowledge about managing servers.

That’s where Cloudways comes handy and provide you fully managed wordpress hosting with super fast speed. From last few years, many old web developers have moved their sites to this network. As other managed hosting platforms charge you a lot for providing you VPS or dedicated hosting but on Cloudways you are completely free to move your packages up or down with just a single click.

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Features

There are many advanced features of Cloudways platform but some of them are most popular and many web developers would love to host their own or their client’s sites on their network. We have explained their every feature with complete details. So you can have a better idea about their Manage Cloud WordPress Hosting features.

Dedicated Environment

One of the biggest feature of using Cloudways Managed hosting is their dedicated environment. If you are already using Shared hosting then you must know about the head cache that you face while having your site hosted on the same IP with thousands of other sites. Sometimes you face downtime and sometimes your site completely go offline that has the biggest impact on your business.

So having a dedicated IP will not only help you to make your site faster but also help you to rank your site better in search engines. You will be able to increase your sales ratio as well as customers trust on your site. If you are going to set up any business website then we highly recommend you to take care of this feature while choosing hosting for your website.

SSD Based Hosting

As you know that most popular unmanaged hosting providers offer you the SSD based hosting. As we have previously discussed that cloudways is the only source that helps you to convert an unmanaged hosting to managed hosting. So if you are going to use Cloudways Managed hosting then you will also get one amazing feature of SSD based hosting. That’s one of the powerful yet simple way to deliver the super performance.

Cloudways CDN

You may also know about the CDN feature. If not then let me explain it in simple words. Basically, a CDN is a service that helps you to deliver your site data quickly to all users. If you are on any good Managed Hosting servers like Cloudways and also have CDN attached with it then there is no way that you will ever face any downtime. As it will help you to load your site faster from all over the world.

Built-in Advance Caches

Cloudways also offer you Built-in Advanced caches feature. Same as CDN it comes with many advanced features. As you know that for loading any site quickly. We must need to use any paid source like MaxCDN for boosting our site speed. Along with it we also need any paid cache plugin that helps our site to load more quickly but by using Cloudways platform. You will be able to get these all features for free and apply them to your all sites for maximum results.

HTTP/2 Supported Servers

They also provide you HTTP/2 supported services that will not only help you to significantly increase the communication of web serviers and your site visitors but also help you to make your site more faster and secure. So by using a great feature like HTTP/2, you can easily increase trust of your customers over your network or brand.

Brief Look at Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service provider based in Europe with data centers all over the world. Whose focus is to provide a single complete integration point for different cloud services.  Customers can manage services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Vultr, Kyup and Google Compute Engine directly from a single control panel. Cloudways has the right tools to manage and update multiple web applications across different cloud services. They provide the perfect service to avoid downtimes on your applications.

Their network specializes in WordPress hosting. Their professional web developers take care of all WordPress server-side issues such as configuration, adding website certificates etc. Users are even allowed one free migration of any of their previously running WordPress site to their network. The upside of using Cloudways for WordPress is the guarantee of performance and security provided by them.

If are a web developer then Cloudways is the perfect choice for you. Because they offer PHP deployment for users with custom built web applications. For individuals with proper development skills, the user can work on from several frameworks. It provides complete control and customization to satisfy user needs.

Deployment can be done directly from the Git repository as well. Also, a team of developers manages under one platform. The owner of the account has complete freedom to restrict certain users from certain actions such as full or partial access to the management console.

Built-in Features of Cloudways Hosting Platform

Cloudways infrastructure is based upon the combinations of technology that known as the “Thunderstack” by them. The security system at this company is based on several different security layers. Two-factor authentication ensures secure performance for the clients. The cloud servers continue to auto-update the services to keep the application servers up to date.

The server machines at Cloudways Review are loaded with heavy hardware machines and high volume Solid State Drives to provide fast and reliable service. Cloudways Review has one of the easiest and user friendlies interfaces for the users.

It allows from creating a virtual server to migrating an already built application to WordPress easily in just a few simple clicks. Although using Cloudways Review requires at least some basic knowledge in the command line and Web.

Cloudways do offer daily backup system, scaling and monitoring features, fast and reliable server servers. As well as domain management tools and the compatibility to add and manage various add-ons. High-end servers spread across all over the globe guaranteeing minimum downtime. The pricing packages make Cloudways a perfect choice for Management hosting on the Internet.

Bottom Line!

We have tried our best to explain almost everything about their network. As you know that there are thousands of web hosting companies on the web that offer your different type of hosting such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting. But Cloudways is different from all of them and comes with it own unique features and pricing plans.

It does not matter that you are going to setup your first site on the web or already running one. Cloudways is always the perfect choice for every user and will give you almost all type of advanced features. If you have already using their network or going to use it the first time then don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section as well as share our work with your friends. So they can also know about some of the best hosting platforms on the web.

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