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Dreamhost Review – Hosting Packages, Pricing & Quality Trends

Dreamhost is one of the best and old web hosting company founded in 1996 by Sage Weil. Since then there are many web hosting companies introduced by different owners, but Dreamhost still has its own name in the industry. It’s not because Dreamhost is an old hosting company, it’s because they are offering high-quality services that no one can provide on these rates.

One of the biggest feature of using Dreamhost is that you can quickly move your website to any other hosting package in case you start getting more traffic. There are many different web hosting companies that will offer this feature, but on Dreamhost, their support team will help you to do these things. If you have a big site with a lot of data, then you don’t need to worry about anything because they will help you to simplify the process of moving your website to another hosting package.

As you know that here on our network, we always try our best to share hosting reviews of only those web hosting companies that deserve to be featured on our network. We just not randomly pick any web hosting company and start reviewing it. But instead of it we will analyze each future of their web hosting services and will make sure that does it offering some great services at reasonable rates. As we always want to put you in the right direction and it’s our responsibility to provide you all the pros and cons of any web hosting service.

Let’s start reviewing Dreamhost and see why they are claiming to be the award-winning hosting in the industry.

Why is Dreamhost the Only Award Winning Hosting?

You may be wondering that why Dreamhost is the only web hosting company that put “award-winning hosting” along with its title? So here is a story. Dreamhost is the only web hosting company that has won PCMag “Best Web Hosting Awards” two times in a row and this is not less than any significant achievement. You can get a little idea from here that how they managed to get two awards in a row and what was the main thing that they were taking their business to the next level while making their customers happy.

The only thing that helped them to archive this goal was their great and advanced features along with their dedicated support team. Dreamhost is one of the biggest hosting company that is not only offering web hosting on flexible packages, but they are also providing domain names at lowest prices. So instead of buying domains from Godaddy or Namecheap, their customers would love to stick with them. Because if they are getting everything on one platform then why should they have to go somewhere else?

There are also some other facts that helped Dreamhost to complete their goals but as you know that if we start describing their every future, then this article is never going to end. So we are highlighting only those features that Dreamhost is offering on resalable rates.

Dreamhost Web Hosting Advanced Features

Here we have listed some of the best-advanced features that you are going to get if you will move to their hosting platform. But keep in mind that some of these features are may not available on starter packages. So always make sure and take a look at the list of features under each hosting package.

This is very important because some of the features that we have listed below many not available on shared hosting plans and only designed for VPS or cloud servers. So if you check each future by yourself then it will be a good idea and will not get you in any trouble.

Good Uptime

One of the great future that any website owner would love to see in web hosting company is their uptime. Dreamhost will offer you a 99% uptime even on their starter packages. As you know that whenever your website goes down. It will not only affect the user experience of your site but your loyal readers will start visiting your competitor’s website and this is something that you don’t want to happen.

So it’s always good to go with a web hosting company that’s offering good uptime, and this is what Dreamhost if already offering you at reasonable rates. Even you will never face any downtime on their shared hosting servers.

Friendly Support

This is one another future that many website owners neglect while choosing hosting for their website. Because whenever you visit a chat section of any web hosting company and select Sales support section. Then you will be amazed to see that their agent will connect with you within just a few seconds. While if you choose to be their customer and want to know about something or facing any issue. Then you will notice that their support team will take a lot of time to respond your query.

I always make sure this thing by contacting their support time on different time frames and see how they are going to solve your issues. Because if you are a permanent customer of any web hosting company, then it’s their responsibility to solve your problems.

Fastest Loading Time

If you are SEO person or already owning a site, then you must know that fastest loading time of your website becomes a Google ranking factor. So now if you want to rank your website higher then you not only have to do strong SEO of your website but you also need to have a fast loading web server.

Dreamhost is offering fastest loading time even on their shared hosting plans. However, if you choose to go with VPS or cloud hosting services, then you will see a clear change in your website loading time.

Professional Control Panel

There are many web hosting companies that will provide you an ordinary control panel to control your website like Cpanel or Plesk. But if you are going with dream hosting. Then you will get a professional control panel that comes with some advanced features.

You will be able to manage your website along with your hosting account. This is something that many web hosting companies are implementing by having inspiration from Dreamhost.

97-Day Money Back Guarantee

Is there any other hosting company that will offer you some advanced features along with three months money back guarantee? I think there is not any different hosting company like this. Because according to my experience Inmotion Hosting if offering 45 days. While all other hosting companies will provide only 30 days money back guarantee. This is one another thing that makes Dreamhost different than other hosting companies.

If you purchase their any hosting plan and are not happy with their services, then you are free to cancel your hosting plan within 97 days and get your all money refunded. They are offering this future because they are very confident about their hosting services. So I think there is not an issue in trying their hosting as you can get your money back anytime within three months.

Do We Recommend Dreamhost Hosting?

You know that this is something that we include in our every review and again Yes! We do recommend Dreamhost, and the only reason behind this is their quality of services. Every user has its requirements while choosing a web hosting company. So we only come with those web hosting companies that are not just good in providing quality services but also suitable for most of the users.

As I said that Dreamhost comes with many advanced features and if I start writing about their every future. Then this article is never going to end, So I only highlighted those topics that are not enough to go with any web hosting company, but it will make sure that you will never face any issue regarding your website.

Bottom Line

We have tried our best to provide you almost all the details of their each web hosting package, and we will continue to do so if we keep getting your feedback like some of you guys already do. Don’t forget to share your reviews with us because they will continue to motivate us.

As well as do share this review with your friends because it will not only show your love to us but will help your friends to learn something about only those web hosting companies that have some reputation in web hosting world and they are offering quality services.

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    • Hi Abhijit,

      We don’t recommend shared hosting for any big site because you are going to face a lot of downtime and other issues like this. So that’s why we always recommend dedicated or VPS hosting for big sites.

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    • Editorial Team

      Hi Mukesh Saini,

      There are different ways that you can follow to move your website. If you have a small site then you can do it through wordpress plugin however if you have a large site then I would suggest you to move all your site data manually.

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