Thursday , March 22 2018
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Free Website Setup Services

If you already have website or blog then you may know something about it however if you’re completely new here then you may have a question that what are website setup services? So we will explain this question here in simple words.

If a person or company need one professional website or blog to run their business successfully then they usually need a developer who can build their website and they are happy to pay them his/her fee but what if you’re on small budget and can’t afford to pay any fee to web developers but still want one professional website? If you’re in the same situation then you’re on right place.

We’ve a team of well-trained staff that work on your projects and always make you happy because we follow your all instructions and provide you what you want.

Are there any Charges for Our Services?

No! We don’t charge you even a single penny to provide you all services because we don’t like that first you pay to Hosting Company and then again pay to a person or company to design your website. Hosting Build will do it free for you.

What Type of services do we Offer?

We almost offer all type of services related to creating a website and optimizing it for Search engines and users. There are different services included in this process like Installing WordPress, Pointing out your Domain, Migration of Website etc.

Below we’ve listed all services that we will provide you for free.

  • Website Setup Service
  • Domain Setup Service
  • Customization
  • Complete SEO
  • Migration
  • E-commerce Website Setup
  • Reseller Hosting Setup
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Premium Themes
  • Unlimited Reviews on all Services

How to Get Free Website Setup Service?

After buying hosting by using our referral link, all you need to do is to simply follow below method to Contact Us and we will shortly get back to your message.

  1. Please visit Contact us page and fill all required details.
  2. If you want to contact us through email then send us email on “
  3. Please make sure that you’ve used our referral link before buying hosting.
  4. Don’t share your secret details with any unknown person.
  5. Always make sure that you’re contacting us through our official website.
  6. Please be patient after contacting us, we will try to reply your email as quick as possible.


Please note that our all services are free for those clients who’ve purchased hosting through our referral link however if you already owned a website and you want our services then we charge you a small amount of money. You can Contact us for this purpose.