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LiquidWeb Review – Best Dedicated Web Hosting for Your Website

LiquidWeb Hosting is a US-based web hosting company that was started in 1997. A variety of web hosting companies have been in the market for a long time and are still in practice each of them is claiming to offer the best web hosting services. However, Liquidweb is the company, that has stood out amongst the top competitors in the market over the last decade.

Liquidweb offers completely managed and optimized hosting solutions so the customers don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re going to start a new website or already own one with the good amount of visitors then we highly recommend you to go for LiquidWeb Hosting. Becuase they will not only provide you high-quality web hosting but also take care of your website.

We believe that a web hosting company that takes care of their customers is always the best one. Because if your site ever goes down due to some technical issues and it will take you a whole day to get a response from web hosting company. Then you can just imagine that how many visitors and money you waste while waiting for their response. So that’s why you always need to take care of these all important factors.

Why to Choose LiquidWeb Hosting Services?

There are thousands of web hosting companies available on the web. But do you really think that each web hosting company is reliable and provide you best services as they promise you? No, because a shared web hosting with thousands of websites hosted on it will never meet the dedicated or VPS hosting, where only a number of sites are hosted on the server. So you always need to take care of these things before going to any web hosting company.

LiquidWeb Hosting offers you to easy migration from different platforms. Highly optimized and managed web hosting services with full scalability features. Completely free Cloudflare security features, high-end machines for dedicated servers, expandable hosting packages. Most importantly the top-notch customer support makes LiquidWeb the best Web hosting solution for your website.

LiquidWeb Hosting offers 3 different Web hosting solutions to meet different user needs.

1. WordPress Hosting

LiquidWeb Hosting offers a fully optimized and managed WordPress hosting. For individuals or a group of individuals running a business with little or no development knowledge, LiquidWebs WordPress Hosting takes care of it all and provide you blazing fast web servers for running WordPress on it smoothly.

The customized servers for WordPress hosting offers a 5-10 times more loading speed than on any other normal server. The company offers free migration service, so if the client wanted his/her web solution to be shifted to WordPress, Liquidweb would do it for absolutely for free and will include the website certificates and compression tools required with it.

2. Cloud Hosting Services

In addition to the WordPress service, LiquidWeb has cloud hosting services as well. Firstly the Cloud sites, that would come with the web hosting platform. The client has to set up the site manually and the liquid web hosting team will take care of the rest.

The hardware components required to run the server which are managed and set up by their professional team. LiquidWeb is one of the best web hosting company that’s specially known for providing the super fast cloud hosting services on the web. If you own a big website with good amount of visitors then their cloud hosting packages will be great choice for you.

3. VPS Hosting Services

For making things more easier, LiquidWebs VPS hosting is the perfect solution. For an additional fee, of course, the company offers reasonable packages that are made for a different level of user needs. It means that if you require more bandwidth and less storage space then you can have chat with Liquidweb hosting team and they will guid about it.

The packages range in terms of different hardware power, storage sizes and transfer volumes that will be operated by the company for the user. So you don’t need to worry about the downtime of your VPS servers.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web hosting is the service for users that need a more self-customized experience. The dedicating hosting packages divide into different configurations and focus to provide excellent website performance. The dedicated web hosting features Xeon (e3 and e5) based machines which is best in terms of power and efficiency for appropriate server machines.

Also, high volume solid state drives used on the server machines for lightning fast boot times in order to avoid (if any) maximum downtime. In addition, all the servers come with the Professional Cpanel and free Cloudflare CDN, which is the best security solution for website owners.

4. Quick Support Team

The hosting quality is not the only factors that have made the company stood out from the rest. The excellent customer 24/7 customer support. About 80% employees ready anytime to assist users with their queries, has earned LiquidWeb and the outstanding amount of positive reviews from the users.

This is one of the biggest reason that’s why LiquidWeb has its own name in the industry. Because whenever you faced any issue related to your hosting service. You can simply contact them via live chat and they always available to assist you.

Do We Recommend LiquidWeb Hosting Services?

Yes! We do. As you know that we have tried our best to cover almost everything bout the LiquidWeb Hosting services. Every company has pros and cons. But it does not mean that we will not go for it. Each site has different requirements,  so that’s why we need different web hosting companies and packages for different sites. But if you are going to start a site with the good amount of visitors and you’re looking for high-quality web hosting service. Then going for Liquid web hosting is not a bad choice.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide will help you to make a good decision about the liquid web hosting and you will be able to set up a professional website easily. If you really love to read our reviews about different web hosting companies. Then don’t forget to share them with your friends and keep visiting for reading more reviews some other web hosting services on the web.

In our upcoming reviews posts. We will try to cover some of the best web hosting companies and will also try to compare their features with each other. Do let us know if you have any question regarding this web hosting company. So our team will try their best to answer your questions.

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