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Squarespace Review – Pros and Cons of Ultimate Website Builder

Squarespace is a content management system ( CMS ) founded in 2004 that allows you to create a website, blog or online e-commerce stores. It currently has more than 1 million users paying to use Squarespace and has wanted to deal with systems like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. The tool is easy and simple using the Drag and Drop mode to build any website. One of the fundamental characteristics of Squarespace is that it has everything that is usually needed to make a website on the platform itself.

Normally, when you are going to create a website you need to buy the domain on one hand, the hosting on the other and then pay more as you receive more traffic or you need more space to upload more content, on the other hand, buy the template that you are going to use, and then integrate hosting, domain and template with the platform that will allow you to create and manage your website.

With Squarespace, this does not happen. When you pay for a subscription to Squarespace you have everything in one place: domain, unlimited hosting, templates, and platform to manage your website, all together. That’s why I say it’s an integral service. In addition, the platform includes, without the need to install any type of plugin. The possibility of creating an online store, its own analytics, forms, galleries, security certificate, responsive design, and many more. So you have an idea: you can enter Squarespace without anything, and in a couple of hours have a website with its own domain mounted and running.

Another thing that Squarespace has is that it is a very, very stable platform. As it has everything integrated and does not depend on third-party plugins, everything works on wheels and there are no incompatibilities between your subscription forms and the template you are using or between different plugin updates. This means that it is very difficult for your website to “break”, stop working unexpectedly, or suddenly your store disappears “inexplicably”.

Who can Use Squarespace Website Builder?

Squarespace is not for everyone. We have already talked throughout this blog that will depend a lot on the situation of each person to choose one platform or another.

It can be useful in these cases:

  • If you do not have any kind of knowledge about setting up a website.
  • If you value the design very much and you need a lot of personalization.
  • Very attractive for photographers, musicians, designers (portfolios).
  • To create websites for events, weddings, and aesthetic online stores.
  • If you have minimalist aesthetic tastes you will like it.
  • If you have some knowledge about written English.

In short, Squarespace can be a good alternative if you want to impact with an elegant website as a “business card” and you do not want to complicate your life a lot. However, it would be necessary to understand some English since the entire control panel is in this language.

Squarespace Website Builder Advanced Features

Squarespace is a simple and effective way to create professional-looking web pages. If you are looking for a web creator to help launch your business on the Internet then Squarespace is the ideal option to give you an elegant and professional website with all its tools and features. The best thing about using Squarespace is that you do not need to be a veteran programmer. You can be one of the most basic users and also benefit from a cutting-edge web by making the most of its easy-to-use tools.

Premium Templates

Variety of Templates – Currently your CMS based on SaaS only offers 20+ templates, but the design and layout of them are incredible. The appearance and performance of each one look like a work of art, offering a whole presentation of colors, images, and patterns. These static templates are so attractive and spectacular that you’ll forget about everything else.

Personalization – The limit of possibilities is in your imagination. Squarespace is fully customizable and can be changed again and again with ease. The blog and gallery platform are filled with cutting-edge tools that allow you to create endless designs and images easily.

Multimedia – It has never been so easy to alter, change and improve your photos. The integration of the import from websites, send publications to your social network contacts and share buttons on social networks allow you and your readers to spread the word quickly.

Style Editor

This is where all the options related to the design of our blog are located. Squarespace comes standard with a limited number of templates for all users, who come to fulfill a function similar to that of the themes in WordPress. The difference is that with a couple of clicks we can completely change the look of our blog, and the options are not few.

In Banner & Navigation, for example, is where everything related to the structural form of the blog is located and where we can choose between different formats: a column, two columns, heading up or down, etc. And best of all, we can change the width of the columns by dragging the different measurement bars. This saves us the headaches that many suffer in WordPress, Typepad or Blogger when they try to make modifications of this type.

Design Editor

But of course, there are also a lot of users who have the technical knowledge to make these kinds of changes without needing help. No problem, because within the style editor there is a section called Custom CSS in which we can change anything in the blog we want, in the purest traditional style.

Within this section of Squarespace, I would also like to highlight the source editor where we can select, without any type of complication, the source of each of the sections of our blog and change it quickly. Either type, size, color, add some border or background image, etc.

Structure Editor

What happens in this editor is that all the design that we have done previously in the style editor can be taken further. For example, if we have decided that our blog will have the main column and a sidebar on the right, there are a number of options within each of them that allow us to give a greater degree of personalization.

When we try to add some type of section to the sidebar we will find a wide variety of possibilities, ranging from the typical search box or RSS feed icons to more complex structures such as photo galleries, maps or simple web pages. HTML fully modifiable.

Content Editor

Here we already enter a field more similar to that offered by other services such as Wordpress or Blogger. The only difference is that it is not necessary to enter the typical administration panel, but it is enough to click on the top of our blog (Post new entry) to start writing and can do so directly through a visual editor, HTML or Textile.

Talking about all these options that are presented could take us a long time. Because within each one opens a huge range of possibilities that allow us to customize each part to unsuspected limits. Obviously, these options are not limited to the possible sidebars, but can also be applied when modifying the contents of the footer or header as it suits us.

14 Days Free Trial

Is there any other web hosting company that offer that much-advanced features and still offer 14 days free trial? I don’t think so there is any website builder that offer you these all advanced features along the free trial. But Squarespace offers a free trial period of 14 days that will allow you to get fully into your system to see if it is what you were looking for.

All in One Platform Features

But the thing does not stay here because there are many more remarkable aspects about Squarespace. Arrived at this point I suppose that someone will have asked: if I already have my blog on another platform, can I bring it to Squarespace ?, and if I decide to create it in Squarespace, is it there permanently? the answers to those two questions are yes and no, respectively.

One interesting option is that you can import and export any type of content from four other services. Like WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type and TypePad. The best thing is that through the option of Blog Importer not only we can move the entries and comments we already have. But Squarespace is automatically responsible for incorporating all the photos, videos or URLs of our old blog.

And to handle the contents of our social networks, do we also have options? of course. Squarespace offers three native applications that work with Flickr, Twitter, and RSS. In each of them, we can modify a significant number of features, from the information to be displayed for each one of those sections to the visual aspect that each of them will take. And as before, very easily and without the need to have technical knowledge.

Pricing Plans

As expected, all these options are not free. Five types of different plans are offered, ranging from the basic of $8 per month to the more complete of $50. The price scale is, in my opinion, the right one, since prices are staggered and more or less adjusted to the needs that each one can find for his personal or corporate blog.

Of course, we do not pay only for editing and viewing options because Squarespace is not only that. It is also a hosting service (and even purchase of domains) that starts with 1 GB of space and 75 GB of traffic, but that is extended to the most expensive option of 5 GB of space and 400 of traffic.

As all these services are hosted in the cloud, they have the possibility to offer what they call “immediate scale”. That is, if at any given moment our blog needs a greater bandwidth to support a large number of visits. As a result of appearing on Menéame, Digg or even Twitter, we are never in danger of the server falling or of our Space is not available for a few minutes or hours.

Friendly Support Team

Squarespace supports 24/7 support to their customers including;

  • Support by email
  • Video tutorials
  • Forum
  • Support center
  • Help for SEO
  • Blog
  • Telephone support
  • Workshops
  • Live Chat

The Squarespace support is fantastic, it is available 24 hours a day, every day. It has a remarkably fast response time, which makes it another of its strong points. The technical support staff is very talented and they have a lot of knowledge about the product, so they can guide you quickly in case of any inconvenience or problem that may arise. Your site offers a wide variety of video tutorials, in addition to being available on

Pros and Cons of Squarespace

As everything in this life has its good and not so good things. We are going to make a list so you can have more information about this web creation tool.


  • Professional, responsive and SEO friendly templates.
  • Unique customizable home.
  • Adapted to mobile devices.
  • Many options of aesthetic customization. This is something that has surprised me a lot.
  • Easy to use. Maintenance of zero updates. When you pay a monthly fee you have all this included.


  • So many customization options can make the system slower. If you are not a designer, it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • The control panel language is in English.
  • The aesthetic difference of mobile devices, but it is normal.
  • There is no free plan. You have 15 days of tests to decide.


In conclusion, I would like to point out that surely in this review we leave many interesting aspects about Squarespace. Therefore, the best option to play with all the options offered and get familiar with the service is to go to the web and register in one of the trial periods offered for 14 days, without any commitment and without having to a credit card.

Don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. As well as do share this review with your friends and fellows, so they can also read something informative about Squarespace and can setup a professional website or e-commerce store by using Squarespace website builder.

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