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TMD Hosting Review – Fully Managed VPS Server & Cloud Hosting

TMD Hosting opened its journey in 2007, with a single data center in Houston, Texas, but now has four centers in the United States. Along with downtown Houston, it has two in Illinois and one in Arizona. It also expanded abroad with a data center in Amsterdam. This is one of the best web hosting company that comes with fully manages VPS servers, Cloud and Dedicated Servers. It’s ideal Web hosting for those, who are looking for the best web hosting on the web.

TMD Hosting is widely known for its support staff. It has technical support specialists, system administrators, designers and developers, sales representatives and customer service representatives. According to the company, it uses the extensive staff to provide the best in customer service while developing an innovative hosting environment.

I wanted to see if TMD Hosting lives up to expectations, so I took the test account provided by the company. I have been tracking my account since January 31, 2016, and I will share what I have learned with you. They have just amazed me with their great web hosting services.

TMD Web Hosting Plans

TMD Hosting has many shared hosting, reseller, VPS cloud and dedicated options. So you can choose any of the packages below. If you have a big site with the good amount of traffic then we highly recommend you to go with VPS or cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting

The two fully managed shared hosting plans (called Amazing and Unlimited) offer more or less the same functions as most other shared hosting services: unlimited storage and bandwidth, 24x7x365 customer support, free SSH access and Softaculous self-installer. The main difference between the two is the number of sites you can host: for Amazing, you can only host one website; while unlimited sites can be added to the Unlimited Plan.

Reseller Hosting

If you are interested in hosting resellers, you will get three packages to choose from with TMDHosting. Start with 65 GB to 200 GB of storage and 700 GB with 2,000 GB of bandwidth support. All of them include unlimited domains, support, and access WHM / cPanel.

VPS Hosting

TMD Hosting has five VPS plans. Plans vary from two to eight CPU cores and from 2 GB to 6 GB of DDR4 RAM. You can select between 40 GB and 150 GB of SSD space with these plans.

Cloud Hosting

TMD hosting also has three available cloud hosting plans with unlimited domains, free domain name, free SSH access and of course free premium support. Choose between packages with 50 GB to 85 GB of SSD storage.

Dedicated Hosting

Finally, you can choose a dedicated server package. The four packages provide 500 GB up to 2 TB of storage and 8 GB to 24 GB of RAM. All include 10 TB of bandwidth.

Now that you know what packages the company has to offer

Choosing Best Hosting Plans

You will find lots of information in TMD hosting website related to your web hosting plans, and detailed overview to help you choose your right product for your business.

The purchase process works much like any other web host.

The Location box in the data center allows you to choose exactly where you want your website to be hosted (Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, London). Conveniently, the website automatically sets your default location to the location closest to you.

We filled out the forms, we delivered our money and the website thanked us for our order and indicated our web account console.

Moments later, a welcome email arrived with all the key details that any customer might need to start: links to our customer area, web space and cPanel, login credentials and name servers to update their DNS records. domain (if necessary).

TMD Hosting Advanced Features

TMD Hosting comes with many advanced features. As they have different hosting plans along with different hosting packages. That means it does not matter that you are just getting starting or already have established a website. TMD Hosting is a great choice for anyone.

Fast Web Host

There’s a lot I like about TMD Hosting, starting with the ultra-fast speed. I did a speed test and got an A, with speeds ranging from 52 ms in the United States to 493 ms in Sao Paulo.

Reliable Hosting Servers

Reliability is very important for every business and services, and TMD hosting are very reliable, secure server and fast data with good bandwidth almost every server.

Affordable Prices

The price of the company is good. Shared hosting starts at $ 2.85 per month. It also offers a 60-day money back guarantee, which is a total of 30 days longer than the standard of another provider.

Customer Support

The customer service is excellent. The company claims that it strives to offer the best support, and does not disappoint. There is a 24/7 chat system available. I know that many companies have these systems in operation, but they do not work, so I tried it on two different occasions. I received a quick response both times.

TMD Hosting hosting team will help you to setup the sites. They can transfer web files and databases for free. The staff helps you with the tedious task if you want, which is weird.


TMD Hosting also has superior features compared to other vendors, such as SSD storage, backups and free daily restores, the choice of three different server locations and protection against spam by SpamExperts. These are even more impressive when you consider the low price.

Disk Space & Traffic Usage

The Client understands that the terms “unlimited” and “not measured” are defined by the experience acquired by the Company with customers located in a similar way or measured according to the industry standards and the average resource use of a shared hosting account located in the same server.

Policy of Inodes

The Client understands and accepts that an account can not use more than 175,000 per account. Accounts that slightly exceed the limits of the inode are not likely to be suspended; however, accounts that consistently create and delete large numbers of files on a regular basis, have hundreds of thousands of files or cause file system corruption may be marked for review and/or suspension. Each file or folder in the Client’s account is counted as 1 inode unit.

Executions of Scripts

The client-owned account can use up to 24,000 CPU seconds for a specific calendar day. The account owned by The Client is allowed to use up to 2,000 CPU seconds for any time of the day. The CPU time is considered the amount of time (measured in seconds) that an application is using while processing the CPU instructions.

Important to know

It’s weird that I can say this, but I did not find anything that I did not like about TMD Hosting. From the price to the features, TMD Hosting is great.

You should bear in mind that unlimited hosting has restrictions, which is the case of all hosting companies. Quoting the terms of TMD Hosting.


Undoubtedly, I recommend TMD hosting for all websites. It is affordable, full of features, fast and reliable. In other words, it provides the service you need to carry out the project you want. We hope this review will help you to choose the best hosting plan of TMD Hosting.

Don’t forget to share this review with your friends. It might help them to decide that which hosting company is better for their business or personal website. Keep visiting and bookmark us for upcoming updates. We will soon share reviews of some other web hosting companies that are doing well in the industry.

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